As we wrap up this blog series about our fitness studio, we want to share some encouragement if you’re considering becoming a member.

We will share a message from our founder on what it takes to actually push through and achieve your goals. But before we go there, here is a recap of what the topics we’ve covered:

The Boutique Fitness Studio

Is a Boutique Fitness Studio Right For You?

Why our Fitness Studio Only Trains Women

5 Key Features to Look for in Boutique Fitness Studio

Join Our Community

When you become a member of Lyfestyle 180, you are not just a member.

You become a member of a community of sisters. You become part of our family.

We uplift and encourage each other.

You are never on this journey on your own. You receive the attention you need.

A Message from the Founder

To the potential new members of Lyfestyle 180, here is a special message from our founder, Brandi Simmons to you:

“The process of attaining better health and fitness will be a hard task, but know the reward is great!

The knowledge and increased self-confidence can lead to making better choices in other aspects of life, leading to overall wellness.

That being the goal.

The change will require you to prepare your mind and body for a new perspective on your life.

There will be new mental and physical challenges, that you may or may not have come across before.

There will be days when you will crave old foods like never before.

The thought of prepping for hours on a Sunday will seem like a waste of time.

Workouts will seem impossible, and you will find yourself not wanting to finish or even make your workout.

As we began this journey, remember that at some point you made a decision to make changes in your life for the better.

There is no turning back now! I won’t tell you this will be easy. Because it’s not! Nothing in life is!”

In conclusion, we hope you consider us as your first choice to help with your health and lifestyle change. Now, if you’re still undecided or need some time to consider, we have what we believe to be just the right gift for you.

We have a free 3-day pass, no risk to you. Come take a tour, try out a few group classes, and meet our trainers.

See if we’re right for each other.

Click here to sign up for the pass.

Come and experience the only women’s boutique fitness studio in Plano, Texas.

We look forward to your visit!






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