By now, if you’ve followed our latest series, you’ve become a bit more familiar with boutique fitness studios and why we’re so high on them.

Here on our blog, we’ve shared why boutique fitness might be right for you.

And we’ve also provided some insight on why our studio only trains women.

Now, whether you decide to train with us or not, the decision is up to you. But, while you’re here, we want to talk about a decision you might have difficulty making:

What to look for in a boutique fitness studio

In this installment, we want you to be well-equipped and educated in your decision from the dozens of studios in your town. Or at least have the knowledge to examine if your own gym is offering what you need.

So, without further ado, here is what to look for in your next boutique fitness studio:

1. Specialized Attention — OK, so a pediatrician and dermatologist are both doctors, right? But they do very different work.  As we’ve mentioned above, our studio only trains women. This is our strength and specialty. Not to imply that co-ed studios are incapable of training women. But when the trainer is a woman and has a large client base of women, the level of focus is more precise. There is a deeper level of care, knowledge, and experience. To put it simply, pick your gym based on what they specialize in.

2. Focus on Self-Care — This is often overlooked but one of the most vital components of your health. Fitness is not all about lifting weights and drinking green smoothies. Prioritizing self-care into your regimen is key to your overall well-being. If your gym doesn’t facilitate or encourage yoga, meditation or any self-care practice, you might need to find a new gym. Soon! 

3. Class Availability — As women, we can have very hectic schedules. And working out can seem like just another thing on our long to-do lists. Having a trainer with a flexible schedule is a God-send you didn’t know you needed. Whether you’re an early bird or like to workout after work hours, your gym should have a bit of flexibility. After all, they do stress stretching 🙂

4. Jamming Music — Music or lack thereof could make or break a session. Here’s a pro tip: Tour the gym first to know what kind of vibes you’re getting into. Good music is a good indicator of the atmosphere.

5. Community/Family Atmosphere — Finally, speaking of the environment, ensure your fitness studio is a place where you can thrive. It’s important that your surroundings are encouraging and helpful. While some gyms pride themselves on harsh criticism and scare tactics, we’ve found that building community and providing support is much more effective (and feels awesome). Fostering and facilitating a safe space for questions and dialogue has really helped our community grow and thrive. Hopefully, you can find a fitness studio that encourages the same.

But maybe we could make your search a bit easier. How?

Well, right now we’re offering free 3-day passes. Come take a tour, try out a few group classes, and meet our trainers. See if we’re right for each other.

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