Our fitness studio, Lyfestyle 180, only trains women. We serve and cater specifically to the needs of women’s wellness and self-care.


Because there is a disparity in the amount of women-focused health facilities.

Might our studio be the place for you?

Well, if you’d like to know, here’s what we offer to the ladies we train:

We know the female body.

We don’t need to list the numerous differences between male and female bodies. Obviously, they’re very different and require different approaches.

We are at a higher risk for stroke, heart disease, and stress amongst other diseases. As a result, Lyfestyle 180’s female trainers don’t just give blanket advice. We provide proven and specific methods based on your body. Plus, we have the advantage of drawing from their own experiences. So, we know what works and what doesn’t.

We educate women.

Lack of health education keeps women going in circles.

In this noisy world of information, women are seeking out quality over quantity. We want advice and information from a knowledgeable source we can trust. Lyfestyle 180 provides an environment that encourages their questions and provides sound education.

We help women feel confident, comfortable, and secure.

Imagine a place where you’re judged based on your body. Imagine a place where you can be yourself while also working to be your best self.

While Lyfestyle 180 is a place for open dialogue, we also respect your privacy. We understand that you may not always feel motivated. But we’re committed to equipping you with the tools and information to reach your goals.

We aim to make you feel as amazing as you are.

We provide a community.

Ladies, we take on so much and for so many people in our lives. Lyfestyle 180 provides a community of women who will grow together.

No matter where you are on your journey, there is a place for you.


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