Symekia Lopez has been training with Lyfestyle 180 for about two and a half years. In her own words below, she shares her story and Transformation Testimony:

For the past three years, I have been going thru a weight loss journey. About a year ago I started journaling my journey.

It has all been an up and down process but not one worth giving up on. A little over a year ago I started hitting a lot of walls that were starting to affect my weight loss.


I sat down and had a long conversation with Brandi Simmons, my trainer, who is also my friend and she encouraged me to start keeping a journal.




What I’m realizing now

As I’m writing I start noticing all the walls that I was hitting were the naysayers telling me I couldn’t or wouldn’t ever finish this journey, struggling in my personal life and losing my relationship with the Lord.



One by one I started breaking down those walls…I stopped listening to the naysayers.

My personal life? Well, let’s just say I did what was best for me and my relationship with the Lord. I have been praying more and I am working on going back to church.










Even though I was struggling, Brandi never let up on my workouts or more importantly on me. Just like she pushed me in my workouts, she also pushed me in my struggles.

And because of that, I was able to find a job, get back on track with my weight loss journey and find myself again.






































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